About us

Factory of furniture "11 Septemvri" almost 30 years is one of the leaders productions capacity in this region.
The main activity on "11 Septemvri" is production on all types furniture, made of massive oak and beech mediapan. With over 40 employers and 4000m. working area "11 Septemvri" produces 20.000 high- quality products , which are on market in several countries in the region.
The vision on "11 Septemvri" is mantaine existing year growth rate accept on all the world's innovations in productions and sales, monitoring and requests and wishis on customers.
The company will become on of the biggest exporters on quality furniture primarily on traditional market in Grece, Bulgaria and Serbia, and penetrate the wider markets of Central and Western Europe.
Following all the global trends "11 Septemvri" create furniture with high quality, modern design and attractive forms perfect for every home.